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This CD contains new works for the saxophone focused on extended techniques. These works were pedagogically created to be accessible to the saxophonist who is interested in learning or improving upon their ability to perform the following five extended techniques: altissimo, slap tongue, microtonality, multiphonics, and vocalizing. 

Seven composers, listed in alphabetical order, Corey Dundee, Kathryn Koopman, Samuel Lipman, Joel Love, Shawna Pennock, Alan Theisen, and David Vess, were given musical guidelines on how to utilize each extended technique within their compositions. These guidelines suggest limitations for using each technique to ensure the composers create accessible pieces for saxophonists interested in learning and applying these various techniques into repertoire. 

The result was a collection of pieces with varying degrees of difficulty. Some pieces are appropriate for a younger undergraduate saxophonist (Koopman, Lipman, Pennock), and some are appropriate for an advanced undergraduate or graduate saxophonist (Theisen, Love, Dundee, Vess). The American Band College Music Grading Chart was used to designate a difficulty level to each piece based on its meter, time signature, note/rest value, and rhythm. 

For summaries of the pieces, brief information about each composer, and a discussion of the musical guidelines given to the composers for each extended technique please visit

Musicians featured: 
Greg Hankins - piano
Brandon Quarles - saxophone 
Serena Scibelli - violin

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