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Russel Veirs & James Lent

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Russell Veirs (saxophone) and James Lent (piano) enthusiastically visit music of the early 1900s, a time when the saxophone enjoyed a major explosion in popularity! This album consists of compositions and transcriptions by early pioneer saxophonists (Rudy Wiedoeft, Jascha Gurewich, Clyde Doerr, Merle Johnston, and Charles Dornberger), covering a variety of popular ragtime, romantic, and waltz styles of the time.  

“I first encountered early 1900s saxophone music during my undergraduate studies when my saxophone professor at the time, Dr. Keith Bohm, was featured on one of our wind ensemble concerts performing ‘A Tribute to Rudy Wieodeft’. I was captivated by this music from the very first rehearsal! Initially intending to focus on music composition, I was now compelled to pursue performance. I began researching Rudy Wiedoeft and other saxophonists of the time, and soon found myself collecting saxophone recordings and sheet music from the period. It has been a joy to put this album together, and I am excited to share the music that has so greatly influenced my life.” – Russell Veirs

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