Dave Camwell | Bach-Centric



Dave Camwell - soprano, alto, tenor, & baritone saxophones, with the assistance of the following:

Stephen Page - alto saxophone (tracks 8-22)

Dr. Nathan Nabb - soprano saxophone (track 23)

Dr. James Bunte - alto saxophone (track 23)

Dr. James Romain - baritone saxophone (track 23)

My musical path has always been influenced by the great German master of the Baroque Era. Johann Sebastian Bach's (1685-1750) clarity and melodic invention have played major roles in my musical evolution, shaping many of my harmonic conceptions about both jazz and classical styles. The pieces contained on this CD are amongst my favorites from the huge BWV catalogue, and contain all the elements that I love about Bach - great melody, expression, craft, and imagination. My hope is that those who listen to this CD enjoy the coupling of ancient music to a modern instrument. I believe that when great music is performed with skill, care, and spirit, the result will be a joyful experience. I hope you agree.

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