Dylan Meyers | 马狄伦


This album is a fingerpicked compilation of nine original yarns, which have been spun on the recollection of people and places that are dear to me. Along with fulfilling a master's degree requirement, 马狄伦 (mah deelun) is a gesture to those who have influenced me, including the half Filipino half Chinese calligraphy champion who gave me my Chinese name and alter ego, which roughly translates to "The Ethical Horse-Riding Barbarian." Guitar sage Christopher Woitach is featured waxing eloquently in two duets. And finally for the gumshoes, a buffet of plot thickening assuagement has been dished out below:

Shibumi Farm is an old dairy farm turned refuge.

Sankakukankei "三角関係" is Nihongo for ménage à trois.

Zenmeban "怎么办" is Mandarin and is similar to "what'aya gonna do."

Gomagom "꼬마곰" is Korean for gummy bear.

Li+ Is lithium, the third element on the periodic table.

Goose Hollow is an old neighborhood in Southwest Portland, Oregon.

Pour Jacque is dedicated to my reliably mercurial buddy James.

Jay's Shop is for the Murphy Hahn family.

Cazimere's Nunia is a tune for my great grandfather's granddaughter.

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