Cassio Vianna | Letters to Grace

Letters to Grace


Sherry Alves - vocals

Tom Bergeron - saxes & flute

Keller Coker - trombone

Cassio Vianna - piano, keys & melodica

Christopher Woitach - acoustic guitar

Jose Neto - acoustic guitar

Adam Bates - vibraphone

Wagner Trindade - bass

Flavio Santos - drums & percussion

Produced by Cassio Vianna and Keller Coker, Letters to Grace is a song cycle filled with the Brazilian spirit of longing—with the spirit of saudade, in Portuguese. Long melodic lines searching for dissonance, the consistency of the harmonies, and a strong sense of rhythmic syncopation are part of this spirit, and are also prominent features of Cassio's music.

In this album, Cassio's compositions and lyrics, the poetry of Lacey Caligure and Donna Henderson, the magnificent vocal performance of Sherry Alves, and the performances of a team of first-rate musicians from Brazil and the US unite to deliver these letters to you, in the form of sambas, bossas, waltzes and ballads.

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